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WHAT are the origins and nature of terror and terrorism in the United States and beyond ? This book of essays about the history and contemporary (...)
Article published on 28 November 2008
by CP
When Kennedy succeeded Eisenhower in January, 1961, Langston Hughes, poet, novelist, and essayist—perhaps the most important African American (...)
Article published on 15 January 2010
by CP
In the 1940s, because of attacks from both right-wing reactionaries and the Communist Party, Hughes returns to his themes and style of the (...)
Article published on 15 January 2010
by CP
Suzan-Lori Parks’ play, Venus, is based on the journey of Saartijie Baartman, an African woman taken from South Africa in 1810 to exhibit herself (...)
Article published on 15 May 2010
by CP
“We are dinosaurs!” End of an American Illusion: from “middle class” to working poor ? (Bert) Tax Day Protest in Washington DC (Curtis Price) (...)
Article published on 23 December 2014
by CP


Get Ready for the Obama/GOP Alliance (Jeff Cohen) Obama moves ahead with AFRICOM (Daniel Volman) About the Obama administration health plan... (...)


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